PICTON welcomes submissions from all photographers, artists, & more! If accepted, your work could be featured on our website or in the magazine. Please be sure to read the following guidelines. ​

* We can only accept photos from the photographer or the copyright holder of the images. If you are a model, makeup artist, hairstylist, or wardrobe stylist interested in being published by PICTON, please have the photographer or copyright holder that you work with sending us the images. ​​
* Editorial submissions should be a minimum of 4 images.
* Be sure to include a title for your editorial, along with team & clothing credits (where applicable) – For team credits, list all related agencies & management firms.
* Photos should be in JPG Format , sRGB color and also sized accordingly. Portrait photos : 2550px x 3300px, Landscape Photos: 5100px x 3300px.
* For clothing credits, list each article of clothing featured, along with the designer/brand name.
* All credit information should be sent. Be sure to list them with the corresponding file name or in a PDF file pointing each wardrobe credit to the related photo, so we know which photo you’re referring to.
* Please double-check to make sure all credit information is accurate and in English language and characters! Credits will be published exactly as sent. Any errors will not be our responsibility. If you want Picton to correct any of your mistakes after publishing, you should pay $99.00.
* For fashion submissions, DO NOT submit a set of images with models wearing the same look.
* Try to include different image types in your editorial. (landscape, portrait, full-length, close-up, etc.)
* Images should not have been published through any other form of print or online media .
* Unfortunately we do not supply free copies or tear sheets of the magazine.  This is simply because of printing and designing cost. However we will happily provide links to the information of where the magazine can be purchased for Digital or Print.

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